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Ortiz to Girardi: "Take it like a man"

Wow. Well I wasn't expecting to see David Ortiz comment on the bat flip situation, but those were part of his words for Yankee skipper Joe Girardi.

"I don't care what Joe Girardi says," the Boston slugger said to a New York writer. "Take it like a man. I'm done with that."

"I don't want to have you guys asking me the same questions. I got almost 370 bombs in the big leagues and everybody wants to make a big deal because I bat-flip one of them. (Expletive) that (expletive), man. If I have to make that video on my (expletive), let's see how many bat flips I got on this (expletive). Good night."

Those certainly are some mighty words. I'm not sure where all this pent up frustration came from, but it's downright stupid. I don't really understand exactly what Ortiz is trying to say in the last sentence of his rambling, but he's apparently not happy that the bat flip received so much criticism. I'm sure that's not the first time he's ever flipped a bat as if he's the home run king. 359 foot homers are truly an impressive achievement, you know.