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The Yanks' pythag record stands at 36-23, the highest predicted winning percentage of any team in baseball.

The Yankees are not the best team in baseball, however, either on paper or on the field.

Their impressive projection comes from a league leading offense coupled with above average though unspectacular run prevention. It seems that the Yankees have simply folded against tough pitching this year.

But then there are numbers.

Last year, 9 starters earned Cy Young votes: Felix Hernandez, David Price, CC Sabathia, Jon Lester, Jered Weaver, Clay Buchholz, Cliff Lee, Trevor Cahill, Francisco Liriano and Justin Verlander.

The Yankees have faced 7 of those pitchers.

In 11 games, the Yanks have managed 95 baserunners and 39 runs in 65.1 innings

That's averages of just under 6 innings per start, but also works out to 5.38 R/9, compared with the Yanks' overall 5.14 R/G.

So the next time some idiot sportswriter like me writes about how outclassed the Yankees have looked against the Red Sox this season, don't listen. Remind me it's a long season. Remind me of 2007 when the Yankees lost 5 of the first 6 games against the Sox and still won the season series 10-8.

Remind me the Yankees are still a damn fine baseball team.