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Hector Noesi to the Rotation

I don't mean today, necessarily, and I don't mean forever.

Young starters are an interesting thing. Most come up and enjoy some early success before the league adjusts. Whether the starter can adjust back determines what kind of career he'll have- can he change his pitch patterns, mix up his pitch speeds, or develop a new pitch to keep hitters guessing?

Why not ride that wave as far as it'll take us?

The recent agonies of Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes have taught me that the industry knows precious little about how to protect a pitcher's arm. I think guys should practice by throwing more, but I also think that they should throw less in game situations- never leave a young guy on the mound for 30 pitches in a single inning, extra rest between starts whenever possible, if you warm a guy up he has to get in the game or be done for the night.

Why not tell Noesi he's headed to the rotation effective July 1? Stretch him out in AAA for 3 or 4 starts, and then put him in place of either Nova or Garcia?