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New York Yankees News Roundup: Bichette, Brackman and Bartolo

You might've heard that the Yankees selected Dante Bichette, Jr. (son of the former major leaguer of the same name), with the 51st overall pick in last night's amateur draft. Check out my roundup of all things Bichette, Jr. (He tweeted late last night: yankees.... couldnt ask for anything better! can i get a go yanks????)

The draft continues at noon today with pick no. 61. The Yankees pick next at 88, 118 and 149.

For Brackman, it's as simple and as complicated as throwing strikes. When he does, he looks like a pretty good pitcher. When he doesn't, he gives his team no chance. I'm not a respected pitching coach like Scott Aldred is, so I'm not going to say whether it's a minor mechanical flaw or a major one or a mechanical flaw at all that is holding Brackman back at this point. I really don't know. But something is, and the Yankees have to find a way to fix that something.

  • David Cone likes advanced baseball statistics -

I think more and more it's going mainstream, I really do. There are still going to be holdouts, but to me, it's get on board or get left behind... There's just something about the numbers of baseball that draws the best and brightest minds, some of the great mathematicians are drawn to baseball because of the numbers, and that's a good thing. We're getting some really, really brilliant people talking about the numbers of the game, and the history of the game. That's got to be a good thing.

  • Some disgruntled fans have gotten together to start a project aimed at getting back fans' rights.
  • A-Rod's cousin who supplied him with steroids from the Dominican Republic has been traveling with him, but there's nothing MLB or the Yankees can do about it. A-Rod is still being investigated regarding his relationship with Dr. Anthony Galea, who has been indicted for allegedly distributing PEDs.
  • A preview of tonight's matchup against Boston that kicks off a tough 10-game home-stand.