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Dante Bichette Jr. Quick Scouting Report

The son of Dante Bichette was selected 51st overall by the Yankees. He throws and bats right-handed and is listed as a third-baseman.

Scouting reports:

He will likely move to a corner outfield spot where he projects to hit for average and power.

- Baseball America

Bichette... is one of the top prep power hitters in the country. He is a pull hitter with excellent bat speed. Some adjustments to his swing may have to be made, including cutting down on lifting his front foot while hitting.

Bichette has played shortstop in high school, but projects to third at the next level. He has a strong, accurate arm and good hands.

- MLB Draft Guide his dad, [Jr.] has the same very aggressive swing that creates outstanding raw bat speed. He hits from an exaggerated open, spread stance that concerns some scouts because he often doesn't come close to closing his hips at contact, or becoming directional to the pitcher. Few pitchers at the high-school level can spot the ball consistently to the outside corner, especially with off-speed stuff, to exploit Bichette's apparent vulnerability to pitches on the outer half. But it could prove to be a challenge for Bichette at the next level that may demand adjustments in his approach. On the other hand, throw something middle-in on Bichette, especially with some velocity on it, and he'll destroy it. Balls typically explode off his barrel and he can easily reach the fences to all parts of the field.

- Perfect Game USA


The 18-year-old attended Orangewood Christian High School in Florida and has committed to the University of Georgia.

He was twice named the All-Central Florida Player of the Year.

Hit .640/.723/1.198 in 86 AB this season.

Placed fourth in the state in a HR Derby two years ago, and second last year.

He's a two-sport athlete, but the other sport will surprise you: tennis.


We thought [he] had an impact bat and the potential to hit for big power in the middle of the order... [he] possesses the desire and drive to be a special major leaguer.

- Damon Oppenheimer

Dante has a very uncanny ability for a 17- or 18-year-old. His ability to process information and read pitchers is unbelievable. It's not just raw talent. He not only is unbelievably blessed with the ability to play the game but has a mind that can process all the information where other talented kids may not be able to.

- Bichette's high school coach

Hard work [is how I became a good hitter]. My dad has taught me from a very young age that to be better than others at the next level, you have to work harder because everyone is going to be good at the next level.

- Bichette, Jr.