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Brian Cashman Draft Breakdown

Ca$h Money has been in charge of the Yankees since 1998. The Yanks have had a very up and down time of it in the draft during his era. There have been good high-round picks like Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson, not to mention former pinstriped prospects like Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson. There have also been duds such as Andy Brown, Dave Walling, Dave Parrish, Jon Poterson and C.J. Henry. (I don't blame you if you've never heard of them.)

Something you may not realize about the above names is that the first group was all selected in the last seven years, when George Steinbrenner and the "Tampa Mafia" conceded some of the personnel power to Brian Cashman and Damon Oppenheimer. If you haven't heard of Oppenheimer, he's an underrated figure in the rebuilding of the farm system. He became the director of player personnel in 2001 and then scouting director in 2005. (The second group was all selected before 2006.)

Anyway, below is the educational and positional breakdown of the Yankees' first, supplemental and second round picks under Cashman -

High School: 16

College: 16

RHP: 14

LHP: 3

1B/3B: 1

SS/2B: 4

OF: 6

C: 4

The draft, by the way, is tonight at 7 p.m.

We'll have an open-thread and updates throughout the night.

For more on the draft, check out MLB Bonus Baby and Minor League Ball, two excellent websites covering amateur and minor-league baseball.