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New York Yankees News: Gary, GIFs, Sabean, Suspension and Stupidity

Gary Sanchez has been demoted due to an "attitude problem" according to Mark Feinsand.

Two separate sources confirmed the move, as Sanchez had apparently become a malcontent after getting off to a slow start this season and losing playing time to J.R. Murphy, who has been the team's best hitter this season. Sanchez, who is hitting .238 with four home runs and 21 RBI in 32 games this season, has apparently grown frustrated with his poor start during his first year in Low-A ball.

Sanchez declined to enter a game as a .replacement, then refused to catch a pitcher in the bullpen when asked to do so by a coach, the two incidents apparently prompting his banishment from the club.

Jon Bois brings you the best GIFs of May.

Larry Granillo of Baseball Prospectus shows that many smart baseball people do not agree with Brian Sabean.

The Trenton Thunder (Yankees AA affiliate) have suspended their hitting coach.

Matos was ejected from Tuesday's game in the ninth inning by first base umpire Scott Mahoney after Franklin had already argued with the home plate umpire Shaun Lampe on behalf of shortstop Jose Pirela, who also had been ejected by Lampe.

Upon leaving the dugout Matos threw a bag of baseballs onto the field, which angered Franklin since it is the manager's responsibility to protest on behalf of his team.

As Matos was waiting to confront one or more of the umpires in the hallway after the game Franklin, 60, entered through the same door and the two men immediately began arguing.

Sources said the confrontation became so heated that an enraged Franklin, who last month was hospitalized after experiencing chest pains, needed to be physically restrained from the much younger Matos, who also served as Franklin's hitting coach in 2008.

The Yankees minor league hitting coordinator, James Rowson, is the temporary replacement.

Phil Jackson was very good at coaching, but he apparently is not the best writer.

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Question of the Week:

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