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New York Yankees News: Feeling Drafty

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With the draft beginning tomorrow, let me just say that I am not going to complain any more about why we won't be picking in the first round.  The grievances have been aired, and hopefully, the Yankees can make good on the picks that they do have.

Over at the Hometown Fan, Professor Scape laid out some of the issues with the current draft system:

1) The Wild, Wild West state of affairs in Latin America, where 16 year olds are signing multi-million dollar deals with the club of their choice;

2) The inability of teams to augment their rebuilding strategy by trading draft picks;

3) The incentive for teams to skip the most talented players in cost saving maneuvers.

It will be interesting to see what type of talent the Yankees are able to acquire this year, and how it reflects in their renewed efforts at developing a strong pipeline of home grown talent.  We'll keep you posted.

In other news, Angels pitcher Dan Haren has been scratched.  Given his tendency to dominate, I'm sure the Yankees aren't sad to miss out on him.