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New York Yankees 2 - Los Angeles Angels 3

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First Inning: The Yankees went down in order, but forced Jered Weaver to throw 27 pitches, with Derek Jeter eventually flying out after a 15-pitch battle.  In the bottom of the inning, Ivan Nova gave up two runs on an Erick Aybar single, a Bobby Abreu double, and most troubling of all, more issues with the battery.  Russell Martin failed to keep a very block-able curveball in front of him, and a cross-up between Nova and Martin lead to a wild pitch.  Can't have that.

Second Inning: We're on the board!  Alex Rodriguez hit a double, Russell Martin brought him home with a single, and Weaver's pitch count is all the way up to 53.  Peter Bourjos stole second base very easily against the combination of Ivan Nova and Russell Martin, but other than that, a solid inning out of Nova.  It's still 2-1, and Weaver hopefully won't go deep into the game.

Third Inning: Weaver got exactly what he needed, retiring the Yankees in order on only ten pitches, although Mark Teixeira hit the ball very hard.  Encouragingly, Ivan Nova matched him with a 1-2-3 inning of his own.  Hopefully Nova has settled down after the first inning hiccup.

Fourth Inning: Jorge Posada is still alive.  Nova got into a jam, but wriggled out of it, giving up only one run.  3-2 bad guys.

Fifth Inning: A clean inning for both pitchers, highlighted by a come-backer that almost decapitated Nova.  Weaver is already up around 100 pitches, so let's hope we're in middle-relief soon.

Sixth Inning: Making three outs in six pitches isn't going to make anyone happy.  Guilty parties: Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Russell Martin. Pitching around a Mark Trumbo double, Ivan Nova threw up another zero.

Seventh Inning: After struggling to the tune of 53 pitches in the first two innings, Jered Weaver managed to go seven strong innings in a truly ace-like performance.  Hopefully we have better luck with the bullpen, but I'll say it again: Weaver is the best pitcher in baseball that nobody talks about.

Following a lead-off single to Maicer Izturis, Ivan Nova was pulled for David Robertson.  He certainly didn't pitch a gem (10 base runners in six innings, control issues, hard hit balls), but Nova was serviceable (6 IP 3 ER), settling down pretty well after a shaky first inning.  Houdini cleaned up the mess, helped by a strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play.

Eighth Inning: No rally this inning.  In three of his last four outings, Boone Logan has not recorded a single out, facing a grand total of three batters.  I'm not sure that I'll ever understand Joe Girardi's need to use him like this, but I have a really hard time rationalizing how it makes any sense.  Luis Ayala almost let it get out of hand after the leadoff single allowed by Logan, but was able to leave the bases loaded.  Hopefully we can have a rally against Jordan Walden.

Ninth Inning: Nope.

Comment of the Game: greatscott723

Play of the Game: The 4th inning single to put the Angels up 3-2 by Peter Bourjos.