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New York Yankee News: 3 Takes

Arod's steroid enabling cousin is back in the spotlight after being spotted at the team hotel. He has been kept away from everything officially Yankee-related.

My take: with millions of dollars on the line, no one plays clean.

With the 2011 Draft right around the corner, the Yankees are trying not to think about what might have been had Gerrit Cole let them make him an offer out of high school in 2008, instead of taking his 100 mph fastball to UCLA.

My take: he did what he wanted to do and it worked out for him. I would have taken a couple million in the bank rather than worry about whether my UCL might give out at a frat party.

Derek Jeter is 16 hits away from 3000. At his current pace (since the calendar turned to May and he started to rebound from his slow start), Jeter could record his 3000th hit on the last day of the next homestand, against the Rangers on June 16.

My take: I'm hoping for a vintage weekend for Jeter in Anaheim. If he can record 6 or 7 hits this weekend, then 3000 at the Stadium becomes a much stronger possibility. I was there for Jeter's 2000th, on the night he tied Gehrig, when he went 5-5 against the Tigers in the ALDS, and when he hit his grand slam against the Cubs. I know how the energy in the stands changes when Yankee fans cheer for Jeter. It would be magic.