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Yankees Links: Prospects, More Prospects, and New Jersey

Mark Newman, the Yankees' senior VP, talked about the farm system -

Our thoughts are that we're in an 'all-hands on deck' scenario. Our mission is to win games in New York. Our secondary mission is to develop championship-caliber players in our farm system. In the ideal situation, [Hector] Noesi would be a starter in Scranton right now and be continuing his development. However, we have to return to that priority of winning in New York. In that regard, we are doing what we have to do at this moment. It may not be what any of us like to do, but it's what we have to do.

Now you can take that in isolation and criticize what we're doing as detrimental to his development, or you can view it in the context of a bigger picture. You can ask any rabid Yankee fan and I would guess they'd care more about winning in New York than the development of a young pitcher.

I believe they could do both, but maybe that's just me.

  • Eduardo Nunez will make the post-Jeter transition much easier -

Nunez could be the man who best solves the future (near future?) dilemma of what to do with an aging Jeter. After Jeter's calf fully heals and he collects hit No. 3,000, Joe Girardi can finally move Jeter down in the order as the organization can make sure it values winning over legacy.

The best eventual solution is for Jeter to play from four to six games at short a week, with Nunez handling two to four games. This sliding scale can be adjusted with how each shortstop plays.

New Jersey may be wedged between New York and Philadelphia, but when it comes to the state's baseball fans, the Yankees are apparently twice as loved as the Phillies.

As for the Mets? They have to settle for third.