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Eyes on the Prize: Rich Harden

Brian, I make that same face when I watch you pitch.
Brian, I make that same face when I watch you pitch.

Rich Harden is back off the DL.

The Oakland A's are in last place in the West, staring up at the Rangers from a 6 loss hole.

I want Rich Harden in pinstripes.

A perfect storm, no?


Harden allowed three runs over 4 2/3 innings Saturday for Triple-A Sacramento in his second rehab start, but he also struck out six and has whiffed 12 over 7 2/3 rehab innings. He was clocked at 94 mph in Saturday's outing. The A's have been thrilled with how his stuff has looked and he appears to be healthy (for the moment, at least).

Harden is a gamble, another re-tread who could get injured at any moment. But unlike Freddy Garcia, he's a retread who can strike people out.

My first choice remains that give a Yankee prospect a shot at the rotation, but the Yanks' willingness to pass over Noesi et al in favor of the Brian Gordons and Cory Wades of the world tells me that the front office doesn't think that help can be found in the farm system yet.