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New York Yankees News: Movements and Questions

Over at The Hometown Fan, "Mark" Duggan explains the surprising Pittsburgh Pirates run. My only question is why did Lord use an alias at The Hometown Fan? We all know your name is Lord.

The Yankees will skip Brian Gordon's turn in the rotation, delighting one fan in the process. Anyone else going to the game Wednesday?

Here is a nice recap of Old Timers Day. I have it taped, but I did see that Tino Martinez hit a home run. I love that the Yankees honored Gene Monahan.

The Mets and the Yankees rarely ever trade, and this Wall Street Journal article takes a closer look at that. It mentions Robin Ventura, so you should read it.

A teammate gave Boone Logan an important pep talk. Has to have been Derek Jeter, right? Nope, it was Alex Rodriguez.

"He wanted to know if I had a game plan," said Logan, who has thrown 2 2/3 scoreless innings and struck out four in his three appearances since his pep-talk with A-Rod. "He kind of took what he does as a hitter, and kind of turned it into a pitching deal. He asked me if I had a game plan. I said, ‘Yeah, I have a game plan.’ And he said, ‘You gotta execute your game plan, whatever it is, even if you give up a hit or a walk, if you have a game plan stick to it.’

Keith Olbermann did not get the job of in stadium Old Timers Day announcing for the first time in over a decade. He was replaced by an equally terrible Yankees related character, Suzyn Waldman.


Olbermann blogged about it himself.

On a personal level, however, I do know that I have a legitimate complaint in one respect. Old Timers’ Day is today, and I’ve been doing the "color" on the public address system for the last ten years, and one year prior to that as well (not the play-by-play; that is, obviously, entirely the province of Hall of Famer Bob Wolff and it’s my honor to sit next to him; Suzyn Waldman has usually been with us to do Old Timers’ interviews during the game). After eleven years of doing this, I think it would’ve been fitting if the Yankees had told me rather than let me hear it from somebody outside their organization the week before the event. It just seems like you’d want to preserve the dissemination of details about your company’s decisions like that to your company, rather than have a guy hear a rumor and then have to call up and ask.

Honestly, I can't stand Keith.

Questions of the Week:

Do any of these names not belong in the general group of legendary Yankees? Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Yogi Berra, Andy Pettitte, Bill Dickey, Tino Martinez.

Do you believe that players should not be able to lose their jobs to injuries?