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New York Yankees News Roundup: First Place & Old Timers' Day

The Red Sox lost their fourth game in a row, this time to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Yankees vaulted into first place by half a game. Hey, it's something. Enjoy it.

  • Old Timers' Day festivities start at 11:30 a.m. The biggest news is, of course, that Joe Torre will return to the field for the first time since leaving the team after the 2007 season. Also joining the festivities for the first time will be Bernie Williams, who last put on pinstripes five years ago.
  • Derek Jeter swung a bat for the first time since he injured his calf on June 14th. But he has yet to run, a true test for his injured leg. His first eligible date for return, June 29th, will come and go. He may need another two weeks before resuming his march to 3000 hits. In the midst of his rehab, he turns 37 today, and a columnist at Florida Today says his "star is fading" -

You can string together a long list of gaudy statistics, but there's one statistic that'll eventually muscle its way to the front of the line. Know which statistic that is? The numbers on the birth certificate.

  • Relive the magical 1961 season through the memories of a Yankee bat boy.