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New York Yankees 8 - Colorado Rockies 3

Mood Music - Karma Police by Radiohead

The New York Yankees defeated the Colorado Rockies today, smacking around Rockies starter Aaron Cook, and thriving on the excellent pitching of CC Sabathia.

The heroes:

CC Sabathia: +.266 WPA
Alex Rodriguez: +.129 WPA
Curtis Granderson: +.093 WPA
Mark Teixeira: +.035 WPA

Not much to complain about today, as the Yankees had the game well in hand throughout.  CC mixed in all of his pitches well, in what was possibly his most dominant outing of the year.  Buddy Carlyle pitched the 9th inning and promptly served up a two-run tater to Ty Wigginton, but thankfully, was able to pitch well enough to keep Mariano Rivera in the bullpen.

Fresh off of a dominant outing against the Reds, Ivan Nova will take the ball for the Yankees tomorrow.

Some PSA writers always need to be covered for.

Play of the Game: Curtis Granderson's 1st inning single to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead.

Comment of the Game: IGYAR