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Why Yankees Fans Should Vote Against Russell Martin in All Star Voting

Heading into the last week of all star voting Russell Martin is still leading the catcher voting. Martin currently has 2,226,797 votes, while Alex Avila has 1,730,511 votes and is in second place.

Though I do not personally vote, I am encouraging my fellow Yankees fans to vote for Alex Avila, or at least against Russell Martin. Don't get me wrong, Martin is one of my favorite Yankees, but I do not want to see him play in the All Star Game. Here is why.

The game actually matters and Russell Martin is not the best player for the job. Alex Avila is beating Russell Martin in almost every single stat category you can find. Sure, Martin is a good player, but Avila is much better. If you truly want the AL to have the best chance at home field advantage in the World Series you will vote for Avila.

Martin could easily get hurt and that is an understatement. If anyone on the Yankees needs a few days off, it is Russell Martin. If he is not voted into the game by the fans he may not be picked by Ron Washington, or his fellow players to make the game. Sure, the Yankees have Jesus Montero ready to take over in AAA, but we have seen Martin get hurt and not be placed on the DL before. I do not want to see that again.

Joe Girardi may be at the All Star Game if Ron Washington picks him as an assistant coach. If Girardi is around, Martin may not make it out alive.

So, fans, will you be voting for Russell Martin? Have you been?