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Should Houdini Work His Magic in the All-Star Game?

It seems like every time I have an article in mind the great Chad Jennings writes it before I can. I think David Robertson should pitch in the All-Star Game, but Jennings sums it up nicely.

I’m not sure he could win a fan vote, and it’s rare for any middle reliever to be selected at large, but Robertson has numbers — a team-low 1.19 ERA with 48 strikeouts in 30.1 innings — and he has to have the attention of the league. He’s stepped into a bigger-than-expected role, and he keeps dancing out of next-to-impossible situations.

It is too bad that everyone looks at saves as the important number when deciding who makes the All-Star Game in the relief roles. However, do not forget that Hideki Okajima made the game as a non-closer a few years ago.

Ron Washington may not know enough about Robertson to pick him, but I certainly hope he makes it. What do you think?