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How Confident Are You in the Yankees Management?


As the Yankees continue to promote mop up men and demote players with potential my confidence in the Yankees decision makers diminishes.

For example, the Yankees placed Jeffrey Marquez on the DL yesterday, and called up Buddy Carlyle. No, you did not read that wrong. Buddy. Carlyle.

Aside from the fact that his name is a dogs name Carlyle does not belong on a major league roster. Or a AAA roster. Or a AA roster. Perhaps a single A roster, but that can be argued as well.

The Yankees continue to ignore players that are showing promise in AAA such as George Kontos, Adam Warren, and Eric Wordekemper, and instead promote players like Buddy Carlyle.

Maybe I am overreacting, but the Yankees have taken the "overflow on mop up men" concept way too far.

Are you still confident in Yankees management? Vote.