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Bring Up Montero Already (And Minors Links)

Brian Cashman has already said he's better than Cervelli -

Is Montero better than Cervelli? Yeah, he is. But Montero is not on the roster right now. If Russell Martin is not going to be a DL [situation] and it's going to be a day-to-day thing I'm not going to bring a guy for a day or two.

IF Montero comes, I want him to come to play. I don't want him to come to sit and play once every five days. I don't think that's in his best interests.

We've already gone over many times how Montero could come to the Yankees and find plenty of time to play.

  • Elsewhere, Keith Law scouted some Staten Island Yankees and came away unimpressed by 2010 first-rounder Cito Culver -

He's a switch-hitter but his left-handed swing is unworkable, even if you stripped out all the trappings like the bizarre leg kick that screws up his balance. The bat control isn't there from the left side and Markel was blowing fastballs by him all night. At short, Culver goes to his left fine, but his range into the hole isn't great and he doesn't have the arm to make that play.

  • Trenton catcher Austin Romine will be the Yanks' only representative at the Futures Game (July 10). If you're into prospects, watch it for Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. FYI, Trout was selected with the pick the Yankees gave Anaheim in exchange for signing Mark Teixeira.