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New York Yankee News: The Quick Hits

Can we forget the second game?

After weeks of advocating for a bigger role for Hector Noesi, he turned a losing game into a laugher.

I thought Girardi's lineup in Game 1 yesterday was lousy, but with the way the offense turned out in Game 2, maybe he should have left Tex and Arod on the bench- or left Cano in the lineup. Seriously, why can Pena and Nunez play 2 games when the other guys can't? Especially with an off day following the game.

Jorge Posada has been on a quiet tear: he's hit .436 since June 5.

Maybe we should stop the smoke and mirror jokes? Freddy Garcia has a WHIP nearly identical to last season and a higher K/9. He's been as good as we hoped for. He's got to stay that good if the Yankees are going to have a chance while both Colon and Hughes are on the DL.

Even Brett Gardner sounds confused about what he has to do to earn his manager's trust. At least for as long as he's hot, he is the better fit for the Yankees at the top of the order, and yet he's already slated to return to the bottom of the order when the Golden Boy returns from the DL.