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Yankees Get Mopped

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After taking the first half of today's double-header, the New York Yankees fell short in their attempt to sweep the Cincinnati Reds, with Chris Heisey and his three (3) home runs leading the way to a 10-2 trouncing.  Commissioner Brian Gordon, making his second start for the Yankees, was unspectacular, surrendering four runs in five innings, including three home runs.

Offensively, the Yankees did little against Johnny Cueto, with an opposite field home run by Nick Swisher being one of the few bright spots.  But, when you start Freddy Garcia and Brian Gordon in a double header against an explosive (if slumping) offense, I'll always be happy with the split.

With today's loss, the Yankees finished off the road trip at 4-2, with series wins over both the Reds and Cubs.

I'm contractually obligated to mention that pinch hitting Robinson Cano for Eduardo Nunez and almost guaranteeing that Ramiro Pena gets a high leverage at bat was stupid.

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