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Yankees 4, Reds 2: Halfway Through the Day

Brett Gardner created the first run of the game with his speed: beating out a chopper to second, going first to third on a single to right, and then scoring on a groundout. Robinson Cano then drove in Curtis Granderson from second to give the Yankees a 2-0 lead.

The Reds tied the score in the bottom of the 5th, but in the top of the sixth Jorge Posada stepped to the plate.

Freddy Garcia has kept the smoke and mirrors game going for another seven innings, and D-Rob and Mariano Rivera followed with a clean frame each.

Pinstripe Alley has been able to retrieve transcripts of the conversation between Jorge's arms and legs during his pivotal 6th inning AB -

Arms: We should go opposite field, just like Robbie did in the 3rd inning. The team'll be set up with runners on first and second, with only one out!

Legs: Yeah, but Pena, Nunez and Cervelli are the next 3 batters. And even if one of them hits the ball, we'll have to run. We don't like to run because we don't run well.

Arms: You have to do it for the team!

Legs: No!

Arms: Run!

Legs: We don't want to!

Arms: What if we hit the ball farther? We could pull it, and if we hit a double, then you won't have to run as far when the little guys come to bat.

Legs: But we have to run to second base. That's 180 feet. Too far.

Arms: Damn it, legs! What do you want to do then?

Legs: Let's walk back to the dugout. It worked in all of April.

Arms: April sucked, and we had to sit on the bench a lot.

Legs: Oh yeah. [thinking...] Let's walk around the bases, and then sit down on the bench.

Arms: We can do that?

Legs: Sure, you just have to hit the ball over the fence. Then you can go around the bases as slow as you want. You can even flip the bat and do a little pirouette like Big Papi.

Arms: But we're not strong enough to get it over the fence on our own.

Legs: Well, sure, but we can work together. Ready? One, two... Three! ["It is high. It is far..."]

Arms: This is nice. A little breeze. Flex as we round second base.

Legs: This is the life. Don't have to work too hard. And now to go sit on the bench!