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New York Yankees News: Link Barrage

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  • Here is some analysis and quotes from Brett Gardner on his Gritty Gutty issues stealing bases.  Hopefully this is something that can be straightened out quickly, as Joe Girardi's affection for bunting has my tolerance for wasting outs at the breaking point.
  • Former Yankee Hideki Matsui is fast approaching a grand total of 500 home runs between his career in Japan and America.  Matsui was always one of my favorite players when he was with the team, and I wish him all the best.  It's a truly impressive accomplishment.
  • According to Joe Girardi, the reports about Alex Rodriguez and his shoulder issues were exaggerated, and merely a reaction to the standard procedure of players receiving treatment for various bumps and bruises throughout the course of the year.
  • Brian Gordon used the first non-leather glove in Major League history.  The more you know.
  • Always in a state of wagoning flux, the latest poll numbers have baseball fans in Connecticut showing more support for the New York Yankees than the Boston Red Sox.
  • Check out The Hometown Fan for an article on James Shields and a reflection on his pre-season predictions from Professor Scape and an All-Rookie pitching squad from me.