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Twitter Tuesday: Top Tweets from 6/14-6/20

Formatting failure for the earlier "Twitter Tuesday" that went up. Here's the updated version. These are the top tweets found on the web over the past week. 

Here's your "Tweet of the Week". This one comes to us from Erik Boland, a Yankee beat writer for Newsday

 Erik Boland 


Read on past the jump for a total list of tweets that made the cut! 

Tuesday - 6/14

Moshe with a little light-hearted humor in light of Jeter's injury. 

 Moshe Mandel 


An interesting idea proposed by Old Hoss about league realignment

 Old Hoss Radbourn 


This is just straight up American. I really like Old Hoss. 

 Old Hoss Radbourn 


One of our very own writers, Dan Hanzus, with a sentence long opinion on the new movie "Green Lantern"

 Dan Hanzus 


Wednesday - 6/15

Oh, we know. 

Dante Bichette Jr


Moshe Mandel

Props to WWJD for this one. This was posted by Ledger Yankees, and it's hilarious. 

Martin says his back is feeling better. In fact, he doesn’t feel an issue at all anymore. He said this with a giant heating pad on his back. 

Thursday, June 16

Sweeny Murti with a tidbit that I didn't even realize while sitting at the stadium. 

 Sweeny Murti 


Buster Olney talking about Brian Gordon the day before he became a Yankee. 

 Buster Olney 


Friday, June 17

If you guys can't tell, Moshe and Old Hoss are two of my favorites. He's another tweet that basically read my mind. 

 Moshe Mandel 


Tripping Olney basically speaking the thoughts of IGYAR out loud. 

 Not Buster Olney 


Saturday, June 18

Another gem from foax Olney. Welcome back, Mauer. 

 Not Buster Olney 


We are too, Phil. 

 Phil Hughes 


With actual dynamite? Or just with runs scored via various methods?

 Old Hoss Radbourn 


Definitely a challenger for Tweet of the Week. This is indeed a huge step for all of mankind. 

 Old Hoss Radbourn 


Sunday, June 19

It's funny because the Cubs were extremely hesitant to throw him anything other than off-speed junk. 

 Jack Curry 

Sabathia has .258 avg and 3 homers in his career. And guess what? He'll be up there hacking. In 101 plate appearances, CC has walked once

Huh? No way. 

 Not Buster Olney 


Monday, June 20

Tell it like it is. 

 Moshe Mandel