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New York Yankees News: Hughes, Girardi, Interleague, and Yankee Stadium

Happy Monday everyone!

Phil Hughes pitched a rehab start last night for the Staten Island Yankees.

The 24-year-old righty threw 61 pitches, 41 for strikes in a 4 1/3-inning start for the Staten Island Yankees. He struck out seven Cyclones -- four on crippling breaking balls -- and walked one. He gave up three hits overall. The third was a solo homer over the left field wall at MCU Park on his last pitch thrown.

How awesome must it have been for the hitter that slugged the solo home run?

Joe Girardi spent a special day with his father.

"The morning was very good, better than I expected after what I had heard," the Peoria native said. "His eyes were open, he was moving, he ate well. So it was all good."

Girardi maintains a special bond with his dad, who worked three jobs to support five children after Joe's mother died when he was 13. Jerry coached him, took him to Cubs' games and was always there for the children.

Girardi went into more detail here.

He is near the end of his Alzheimer's. He is not doing too good. He just had a seizure, actually. He has had them before. He has come back. But when I call him, he doesn't talk. He doesn't open his eyes a lot. He does wiggle his hands and fingers when he hears my voice. I really believe he knows that it is me, but I don't know for sure.

Best of luck to Girardi and his father. I find their relationship inspiring.

Barry Bloom believes DH should be in both leagues.

With the DH having already been formalized for all future All-Star Games, the timing is perfect right now to take the full step forward as the owners and players are trying to decide how to expand the playoffs by another two teams, with perhaps a bit of realignment tossed in. Expanding the playoffs to 10 of the 30 teams is expected to happen. Commissioner Bud Selig has suggested that it will, and the players seem to agree with it. It just depends on what form it takes and what rules will change to accommodate it.

I think the DH should be used in both leagues, even for the sole reason that pitchers should not have to run the bases.

Have the bleacher creatures gone soft?

The ritual, merciless abuse of the opposing right fielder, so prevalent in the old stadium, seems to have mellowed as well. Last week, save for a few stray chants, the Creatures hardly acknowledged Nelson Cruz’s existence. One theory: in the old stadium, the Creatures sat in Sections 37 and 39, right up against the wall. In the new park, they sit in Section 203 with a whole other section of seats, priced on game day between $100 and $150, separating them from the field. They are just more removed from the action.

I think the creatures have quieted down a bit, but so have the rest of the fans. It is a little disappointing.

Questions of the Week: Should teams really try to get utility players in the offseason, or just stick with players in the system? Should Andrew Brackman stay a reliever for the rest of this season? His career?