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New York Yankees News and Notes: 6/2/11


Good morning, alley dwellers! 

Today is a good day in Yankee-land. Take a look below...

AL East Standings

New York 31 23 .574 0 Won 4
Boston 30 26 .535 2 Lost 4
Tampa Bay 29 26 .527 2.5 Lost 1
Toronto 28 28 .500 4 Lost 2
Baltimore 25 29 .462 6 Won 1

(updated 6.1.2011 at 10:38 PM EDT)

Yup, the Yankees are two games ahead of Boston in the American League East... three in the loss column. 

Ed Valentine takes a look at how the New York Yankees could potentially have six position players starting the All Star Game, assuming the voting ended now. Currently, the entire infield and Curtis Granderson are going to start. In my opinion, three of the six Yankees are deserving; Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez and Russell Martin. As of right now, I would like to see Miguel Cabrera at first base, Howie Kendrick at second base, and Asdrubal Cabrera at shortstop (yes, Cleveland love!). 

Not much news in the Yankee Universe today... so let's talk Matsuzaka, Mets, Jim Joyce and questions! 

Unfortunate news about Diasuke Matsuzaka swept the baseball world last night. Brandon mentioned it first. 

Source: Matsuzaka leaning toward TJ surgery after Yocum found significant tear and recommended procedure. DM to discuss with Red Sox.

This is a significant blow to Boston's rotation, as he will be out for the rest of the year and likely the start of 2012. It's never cool to see a great baseball pitcher go down with an elbow injury like that. Best wishes to Matsuzaka and the Red Sox. 

The New York Mets allowed five infield singles last night when they played the Pittsburgh Pirates. Even Derek Jeter would have been impressed by this accomplishment! Oh yeah, check out Terry Collins erupt post-game. 

Interesting article about how MLB will not allow Jim Joyce to umpire any game Armando Galarraga plays in again. 

 A day before the anniversary of the game in which umpire Jim Joyce botched a call at first base that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game, Major League Baseball confirmed that Joyce is not allowed to umpire any series in which Galarraga's team plays, citing the pair's business relationship.

The two wrote a book together, so that would be the "business relationship" referred to. 

Thursday morning question: What is your ideal All Star lineup if the game were to be played today?