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Yankees 10, Cubs 4: Swisher's Blast Helps Yankees Defeat Cubs

Somewhere Girardi is laughing.
Somewhere Girardi is laughing.

The Yankees defeated the Cubs 10-4 tonight, taking the series.

CC Sabathia has proved time and time again that even when he does not have his best stuff he will get the job done. The hefty lefty gave up four runs in his first three innings, three of which on an Alfonso Soriano home run. After that, Sabathia shut down the Cubs, and finished with seven innings pitched and only those four runs allowed.

Brett Gardner got in on the action, as he hit his first career lead off home run, doubled, and singled. He, Nick Swisher, and Alex Rodriguez had three hits a piece.

The game was tied after seven innings, but then the Yankees exploded. Swisher hit a take the lead three run home run in the eighth, and the 9th was a hit parade.

Russell Martin did not die tonight, but Joe Girardi attempted to kill him various times throughout the game. It's bad enough that Francisco Cervelli is on the roster, but it is even worse that he was not used in a 10-4 game in the ninth.

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