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New York Yankees News, Father's Day Edition - June 19, 2011

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley! 

For the record, the Yankees and the Cubs play for a series victory tonight at 8:00pm on ESPN. Yes, we're subjected to the incredible commentary of the four-letter-network. 

Onto the links of the morning....

Joe Girardi is making a 2.5 hour trip to visit his father on Father's Day. Read this ESPN article about his journey and background story about his father. It's actually rather emotional. 

As Frankie has already posted, Phil Hughes is set for a rehab start with Class A Staten Island tomorrow. Hopefully this is another step in the right direction for Hughes. After Bartolo Colon's injury, it's clearer than ever that starting pitching is very important. 

Speaking of Bartolo Colon, an interesting tidbit came out on him yesterday. His surgeon has stated that he gave the rejuvenated Colon "no PEDs". 

"Dr. Purita was questioned for over an hour by two MLB attorneys, and he fully answered all of their questions. Dr. Purita reaffirmed that Mr. Colon did not receive any performance-enhancing substances during the procedure," Colon's lawyer, Jay Reisinger, and agent, Mitch Frankel, said is a statement released Friday.

I suppose that's good. 

For those that miss Derek Jeter, only another ten days until he's eligible to play. In the meantime, the Yankees are 4-1 without him. 

Oh, and for the last time, Carlos Zambrano is NOT on the Yankees list of possible solutions to the rotation. As if they need any...

Not much else going on in the Yankee Universe today. Have a great Father's Day, folks.