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Pinstripe Alley Yankee Ticket Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to "yankeesgirl" on winning two tickets to the June 24 baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the New York Yankees! In what turned out to be a back and forth vote between responses #1 and #2, she came out on top by 11:00am this morning. For those that didn't see her winning response, it's after the jump. Thanks so much to everyone that participated. Hopefully I'll have a similar contest set up before I head off to Penn State again in August!


Response 1:




You wouldn’t believe the hardships I experience as a Yankees fan who lives forty-five minutes from Citizens Bank Park. Cheering for the Yankees in my hometown is the equivalent of rooting for King George III during the American Revolution. If I conceal my passion for the Yanks, people view me as a slightly delusional, but completely harmless member of society. If my navy blue "Rivera" T-shirt makes a public appearance, however, popular opinion quickly changes. Friends question my patriotism, mourn my disloyalty, and sarcastically comment on my "abundance" of hometown pride. As you can imagine, the 2009 World Series caused my friends great consternation.

It’s my dad’s fault. He got me into this mess. Had he not been such a passionate fan of the Bombers, I could be a "normal" Philadelphian who roots for the Phillies until my last breath. As it is, I’m a Yankees fan because of my dad. His love for the Yankees began in the 90s, when driving from state to state in his tractor-trailer. He couldn’t help but love Tino Martinez, Daryl Strawberry, and Bernie Williams. My troubles began after this passion was handed down to me. As I experienced these games with him, I was quickly swept along in his enthusiasm for baseball in general and the Yanks in particular. Watching a game with him became a pastime for us to share.  

"Why do I deserve these tickets?" you ask. Well, the Phillies currently have the best record in the majors and their fans won’t let us forget it.  To be honest, my dad and I need a little relief.