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New York Yankees News & Notes

Brian Cashman spoke some truth about Jesus Montero recently, and I think it makes sense.   It's the same reason why I don't really care that nobody from the minors was called up (at least not yet) to take Bartolo Colon's rotation spot.

What do you think about Eduardo Nunez?  What do you think the Yankees' front office thinks?  Whatever you think you think, remember that Derek Jeter is effectively signed through the end of 2014 season, and if Nunez stays on the major league roster that entire time, he'll be a free agent just a year later.  You think the Yankees didn't realize that this past offseason?

Is this a compliment or an insult?


(Brian) Cashman compared (Brian) Gordon to Darrell Rasner, Dustin Moseley and Aaron Small, not overpowering but able to command his pitches

My guess is compliment, but not by much.  In fairness to the Yankees, they've done a good job maintaining pitching depth these past few seasons, so good that I barely even remember who Chase Wright and Matt DeSalvo are.

Lastly, at what point does this kind of talk begin to get old?  I mean there's cheating, and then there's cheating.  In other news, I've heard that first base in The Ballpark at Arlington is actually only 89.3 feet away from home plate....