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Predicting the Yankees Next Roster Move

You do not release me!!!!
You do not release me!!!!

The Yankees will need to free a 40 man roster spot and a 25 man roster spot for Brian Gordon before the game tomorrow. People that use logic would likely say that the Yankees will DFA someone like Marquez, or maybe just demote Marquez and place an injured player on the 60 day DL.

We all know, however, that the Yankees do not think logically. That being said, here are some possible Yankees moves:

-Designate Curtis Granderson for Assignment- The guy is a journeyman. Why not DFA a journeyman to make room for another?

-Release CC Sabathia- CC takes up almost the entire food bill, and Gordon is a starting pitcher. Simple thinking.

-Ask Mariano Rivera to retire- The Yankees know fans wanted one legendary Yankee to retire at one point, but they probably don't know which.

-Promote Jesus Montero, DFA Jesus Montero, Sign Gustavo Molina to a five year contract extension, Release Russell Martin- Too much?

-Release Francisco Cervelli- Chaos is fun, right?

-Release David Robertson and Brett Gardner, Promote Gustavo Molina- I would cry.

-DFA Mark Teixeira- Just look at the guys face. Just look at it.

Any other ideas?