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Keep Jesus Montero In Scranton

With Derek Jeter on the DL, with Russell Martin unavailable, with the Yankees' first ever 1-0 loss at Yankee Stadium still fresh, the clamor to call up Jesus Montero is growing.

Duggan has started putting Call Up Jesus Montero at the bottom of every post, and I can see his point.

But I think everyone ready to drop Montero in the Bronx is wrong.

1) If you can, call up a prospect when he's hot.

Montero is anything but, hitting only .250/.349/.500 in his last 10 games, with 8 Ks in 36ABs. 2 HRs leave him a respectable slugging percentage, but if you're going to have him make the leap, he should make it when he isn't already pull conscious.

2) When you call him up, keep him up.

And once he's up, Montero is a starter. Yes, Montero will get regular ABs right now while Martin is dinged up, but once Martin comes back? I am no fan of Cervelli's defense, but the coaching staff likes his game calling. There was a time I advocated carrying 3 catchers, but that was before both Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon hit the DL. For now, the 25th spot on the roster belongs to reliever in case a starter has a bad day.

3) Defense counts

I haven't seen Montero play yet this season (and this might be the first season since '08 that I don't make a game in Scranton). But if his defense was never good, and I haven't seen anyone saying he's turned a corner. If Montero's play behind the plate is still a question mark, then he might hurt the team more than he helps. If Montero's defense seems likely to remain a question mark, then his highest value may be as a trade chip.