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Twitter Tuesday: Top Tweets of the Week

Caption contest. Make it something related to Twitter.
Caption contest. Make it something related to Twitter.

Welcome back to Twitter Tuesday, folks. This week, we'll be taking a look at my top tweets from June 7th - June 13th. All tweets come from Brandon's list, which can be found by clicking here.

Just like last week, there wasn't too much going on with the players, but there were plenty of funny tweets going around.

Last Tuesday, June 7th:

Let's get things started the right way with some promiscuity from everyone's favorite pitching deity:

Old Hoss Radbourn

My favorite statistic from the first round of the draft is that 50% of the players selected are my offspring.

A quote from the Yankees VP of Amateur Scouting on Dante Bichette Jr. They really seem to like this kid, and I'm encouraged by that.

Jack Curry

Damon Oppenheimer, Yanks VP of Amateur Scouting, on Dante Bichette Jr. I don't think we'll have any trouble signing him. He wants to play.

From our very own Dan Hanzus, who hated David Ortiz's home run celebration from Tuesday night as much as I did.

Dan Hanzus

David Ortiz celebrated that homer like he's not a known PED cheat.

Wednesday, June 8th:

Back to Jack Curry, who revealed a conversation with Jeter about a New York vs. Boston media baseball game. Jeter's response was brilliant.

Jack Curry

Told Derek Jeter NY beat Boston in media baseball gm 2day. "Oh really?" he said. Then Jeter added, "Did Peter Gammons pitch for Boston?"

From Mike Axisa, after hearing the news that Joba was headed to the DL. 

Mike Axisa

Joba hurt, Soriano hurt, it's time for Boone Logan to get his [expletive] together and contribute something.

For all you Beatles fans out there, here's some awesome news.

Yankees PR

Paul McCartney to perform at Yankee Stadium on July 15. Public on-sale on Mon. June 13 at 11a.m. at and (800) 745-3000.

Thursday, June 9th:

More Jack Curry, this time teling us Brian Cashman is a very, very smart man.

Jack Curry

Cashman told reporters Hughes will remain as starter so he's not option 4 pen. The GM also said Banuelos, Betances, and Brackman aren't ready.

Back to our own Dan Hanzus, who quoted the one and only, Mike Francesa.

Dan Hanzus

"You paid $82 million for the guy who carries the pies." - Francesa on A.J. Burnett #perfect

A tweet from yours truly. This one was also retweeted by our very own manager, Travis.

Frank Campagnola

Two steals, two throws into CF. #FranciscoCervelli is about to get raptured for #JesusMontero.

Friday, June 10th:

A brilliant tweet from our favorite fake voice of the Yankees.

Faux John Sterling

Suzyn, Jorge Posada is the Babe Ruth of horrible baserunners.

A tweet from Trenton Thunder beat writer Josh Norris, discussing the ridiculous numbers of a local softball pitcher. I really, really hope it's fast pitch, not high-arc.

Josh Norris

One of our local softball pitchers had 209 Ks against 19 walks, a 22-0 record and an 0.09 ERA. Eat your heart out, Halladay.

Saturday, June 11th:

Finally, a tweet from a Yankee, reacting after a two game winning streak.

Nick Swisher

Awesome win today! Let's keep it going.

Our own Brandon C. didn't like my favorite baseball movie.

Brandon C.

Finally saw Bull Durham. I will be blasted for this, but I didn't think it was that great of a movie. Maybe a two and a half star.

How do you not like Bull Durham? Sigh.

This one was a late addition, but it had to be mentioned. Seriously, how famous can one manager get for being ejected?

Josh Norris

Another Wally Backman ejection tonight. Really making an ass of himself.

Sunday, June 12th:

Back to Brandon. Really wish I knew what the Yankees were doing with Montero.

Brandon C.

Is Jesus Montero ever going to play, or does Scranton also not want him?

Mandel rejoices!

Moshe Mandel

Swisher and Posada both break .700 in OPS. Mazal Tov.

Andrew Marchand likens LeBron James to pre-2009 Alex Rodriguez.

Andrew Marchand

I don't want to go all into this again but LeBron looking totally lost reminds me so much of A-Rod. When is he 8th man?

Monday, June 13th:

Maybe Garcia, Colon, and Nova really are the same person?


We have injected stem cells into our hammys. We are now faster than Usain Bolt.

More awesome news for Beatles fans. 


A second Paul McCartney show at Yankee Stadium has been added! Tickets on sale now!

I'll be at the first show.

Finally, a reminder to all the doubters that Brett Gardner is really good at baseball.

Moshe Mandel

Brett Gardner is 4th among all LF in fWAR.

Tell us your favorite tweets in the comments, and give plenty of suggestions. This is a new thing for us, and we want it to be as good as it can be.