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The Latest Fan Confidence Poll

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I'm not quite sure what to expect with this week's fan confidence poll:  The Yankees have looked pretty solid lately in their dismantling of the Cleveland Indians, and are fresh off of an impressive West Coast trip, making short work of some very tough pitching matchups.  However, getting swept by the Boston Red Sox (again), will always put Yankees fans on edge.

Additionally, rotund revelation Bartolo Colon, who has been a big part of keeping the rotation afloat (lol) has recently hit the DL.  Jorge Posada has started to improve upon his dreadful start to the season, but still is a big question mark going forward.  Derek Jeter has a .324 OBP and a .324 SLG.  The bullpen and the catching corps are currently held together with duct tape, and the organization's plan going forward seems uncertain.

And yet, if the season ended today, the Yankees would be a playoff team.  So, how confident are you feeling about the New York Yankees?

Call up Jesus Montero.