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New York Yankees News: Jeter, Yogi, and the Bat Flip

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I'm afraid to ask, but create a caption!
I'm afraid to ask, but create a caption!

Derek Jeter is seven hits away from his 3,000th, and this is what people are saying.

Seth Livingstone writes that Jeter unsurprisingly wants to get his 3,000th at home. I hope he does, but it doesn't look so likely. As you all know, he needs seven more hits over the next four games if it's to happen. That will likely mean he'll bat somewhere between .350 (7-20)-.389 (7-18), assuming he doesn't walk at all.

Anthony McCarron catches up with four members of the 3000 hit club to get their takes.

In other news:

Yogi Berra's museum has been renovated and is now open.

Troy Renck believes that Big Papi's bat flip was good for baseball.

Questions of the Week: Do you prefer the player that hustles out of the box in every situation, or the player that isn't afraid to show a little cockiness? Who deserves a call up more right now, Jesus Montero or Jorge Vazquez?