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One Yankee Hater's Take on the Colon Injury

Rob Neyer is a fan of alliteration in describing injuries to chubby men.

Manny Banuelos, who made a big impression in spring training, has a 2.84 ERA with double-A Trenton but has struggled to throw strikes. Another of the Yankees' top pitching prospects, Dellin Betances, has a 1.75 ERA but has also issued more walks than you'd like from a guy who's ready (or not) for the majors. It seems unlikely that either would be trusted with more than a spot start for the big club.

More likely options include David Phelps, currently sporting excellent numbers with triple-A Scranton, and Hector Noesi, who pitched effectively in the Yankees' bullpen this spring but was recently demoted to Scranton anyway. Noesi's considered one of the organization's better prospects, but hasn't struck out many batters this season, at either level.

I agree that Phelps deserves a strong chance, but a look past the highlight reel shows that Noesi pitched his butt off a couple days ago and was sent down because he wasn't pitching soon and the Yankees needed arms, not "demoted to Scranton anyway" as though the Yankee brass has no idea what they're doing with young pitchers (not pretending they have a great idea, just saying they're no worse than nearly every other club you care to name).