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A Variety of Yankees Related Thoughts

The Yankees won their second straight game against the Indians today, and I mass-tweeted my thoughts. For those of you that do not use twitter, or do not follow me, here are those thoughts, along with some others.

-I was at the Yankees game Friday night, and the crowd was impressively loud. It was packed, and even after it rained there were tons of fans in the actual stands, rather than waiting in the concourses.

-I would like to apologize to Ivan Nova. I repeatedly said I did not want to see him pitch again, (I had just seen him on May 22nd vs. the Mets) but he made me regret those words. Solid outing Friday night.

-It may be because it was Jorge Posada figurine night, but the crowd really cheered for Jorge. When the lineup was announced before the game he got the biggest ovation.

-There is no doubt in my mind and there was no doubt in my mind that Fausto Carmona intentionally hit Mark Teixeira. The reason why he did is just moronic to me.

-The Girardi/Acta argument really woke the crowd up. In the beginning they were pretty quiet, and as I just mentioned, by the end Yankee Stadium was rocking.

-All that being said, Mitch Talbot's HBP seemed completely unintentional to me, and he should not have been ejected. I get that the ump just wanted control of the game, but warning both sides seemed like the better solution.

-The Yankees should NOT hit anyone on purpose. Not this series, not any series. The Indians get the point that if they hit anyone they lose the pitcher. The Indians get that they can't go too inside, and there is no reason to put anyone on base out of some form of retalliation. I don't care who's pitching, do not hit anyone purposely.

More thoughts after the jump

-Curtis Granderson is a beast. Honestly I do not know what else to say about him, every time he comes to the plate I expect a home run.

-Mark Teixeira isn't too far off, but is getting less credit.

-David Robertson is my favorite pitcher right now. If he learns to not pitch himself into trouble he can be one of the best in the league.

-I am fine with David Phelps or Hector Noesi replacing Bartolo Colon. Maybe even Adam Warren. Anyone else is unacceptable.

-That Amauri Sanit is on the 40-man roster is absolutely horrible. Sanit barely belongs in AAA right now, and there are much more deserving pitchers in AAA.

-One pitcher that can pitch long relief and should be called up to replace Sanit is George Kontos. In 33 IP Kontos has allowed 27 hits, with an ERA of 2.45. Kontos has walked 13 and struck out 36, while holding hitters to a .227 batting average against.

-Hopefully Kevin Whelan's awful debut does not ruin his chances of playing any kind of important role in the Yankees bullpen.

-At this point I think the 25 man roster should be the following:

C-Martin, Montero, Posada

1B-Teixeira, Vazquez


3B-Rodriguez, Nunez


OF-Gardner, Granderson, Swisher, Jones

SP-Sabathia, Burnett, Garcia, Nova, Phelps

RP-Noesi, Ayala, Logan, Robertson, Whelan, Kontos, Rivera

Optioned to AAA: Cervelli, Pendleton

DFA'd: Gustavo Molina, Sanit

Placed on 60 Day DL: Justin Maxwell