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I Believe in Curtis Granderson

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Over at Rotoball, Troy Paterson writes that we should have seen the transformation of Curtis Granderson coming.

If you look at his data from 2010 on you can see he was not getting lucky with his home runs.  He had only 3 home runs listed as Just Enough meaning on a normal day in most parks it would not be a home run.  According to averages, players should have about 27 percent of their home runs listed as Just Enough.

Granderson was only 12 percent meaning if we extrapolate his numbers out to 27 percent he would have totaled 29 home runs in only 528 AB in 2010.  That alone would not predict the power he has shown this year, but definitely someone who should not have been so overlooked this year.

Troy has the numbers to back up his assertion, but I think he's discounting August the changes in Granderson's swing too much. I don't know a lot about the mechanics of a swing, but I know that Granderson believes in his new swing.

Maybe he was due for a rebound anyways, but when a great player believes he can get the most from his talents, that becomes a winning combination.