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Fun with Small Sample Sizes

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Derek Jeter made a couple national broadcasts with his impressive Mother's Day performance, adding 20 points to his batting average, 16 points to his OBP and 168 points to his slugging.

Too much is going to made of this day, one way or the other, so I'd rather just avoid that trope. It was a great day for a great player, and I love cheering for him on days like that because he is the player I remember.

The season is still young enough that nights like that can drastically change a player's line, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at how a similar night might change the rest of the Yankees' lineup.

Player Before After
Martin .264/.368/.516 .289/.384/.588
Tex .259/.382/.571 .280/.394/.627
Cano .290/.313/.556 .308/.328/.608
Jeter .276/.331/.350 .295/.345/.411
Arod .263/.364/.485 .286/.379/.552
Gardner .233/.337/.389 .260/.345/.469
Grandy .283/.359/.646 .303/.370/.697
.217/.338/.302 .241/.353/.375
Posada .152/.257/.354 .181/.277/.429
Jones .226/.273/.355 .297/.333/.568
Nunez .357/.400/.500 .450/.476/.850
Cervelli .200/.200/.500 .375/.353/.938