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State of the New York Yankees: Week 6

We're a fifth of the way through the season. The Yankees have a 19-13 record, good for a one-game (in the loss column) lead in the AL East. They have the second-best run differential in the AL (+38, behind only the irrepressible Indians), and are tied with Kansas City (of all teams) for the most runs scored. They are 9-3 in the day but only .500 at night (10-10).

Surprisingly, they have the fifth best ERA in the AL (3.73), mostly thanks to the third best K/BB rate (2.29). Who'da thunk that?

The offense has been very good, but not quite up to typical "Bronx Bomber" standards; despite leading the league in SLG and trailing just one team in OBP, they're "only" fourth in runs scored, perhaps due to a league-leading 39 GDPs and .242 BA w/ RISP.

Some pressing questions for this off-day:

- Will Colon or Garcia make it all the way through the season? Will either get hurt or become so ineffective that he's DFA'd? If so, who will replace him?

- Will we see Phil Hughes again this year?

- How long will Posada continue to not hit? And how long will Girardi put up with it? If he's replaced at DH, by whom should it be? (FYI, Jesus Montero is currently hitting .354/.370/.438; Jorge Vazquez is at .293/.315/.537.)

- What positions will be addressed come the trade deadline? Who specifically will/should be targeted?