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New York Yankees News & Notes: Jeter, Posada, Cervelli

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Good morning, Pinstripe Alley!

Plenty of talk about Derek Jeter's tremendous afternoon in Arlington in which he went 4-6 with two solo homers. Mark Feinsand has quotes from a handful of Yankee players and coaches on the Captain and his performance.

Kevin Long: "I think we all needed a day like this. It feels good to have Jeet come out and swing the bat the way he did. The other day in Detroit he hit those three balls good. He’s had a couple of games since then that have been really good, and then today was the icing on the cake. We’ll take it from here.

Hopefully "taking it from here" is some more line drives and well hit balls in the air. Time will tell, but Jeter certainly turned back the clock yesterday. More after the jump

It's no secret that Jorge Posada has been less than stellar this season. His triple slash is .152/.257/.354. Yeah, he's 15-97 this season. But that doesn't stop Joe Girardi or Brian Cashman from believing in him.

"It's not something we are talking about," Cashman said. "It's still a small sample of at-bats. It's a new position for him and he will have a long rope. I understand his frustrations. I haven't been thinking about alternatives."

Good to see that Cashman hasn't folded on Posada yet. I can't say I'd be willing to bench my newly donned designated hitter who's making slightly over $13 million per year. He's right, it's only a small sample size of games in which Posada is merely the DH. However, things need to change sooner rather than later. 

Here's something that's rather hilarious. Francisco Cervelli had no idea that the bases were loaded after smacking his first career grand slam yesterday. 

"When I was running, no, I did not know the bases were loaded,'' he said, after fighting off a 3-2 pitch from Cody Eppley before lining a fastball over the fence in dead center field for his first career grand slam. "Now I'm going after Alex (Rodriguez)Lou Gehrig and Manny (Ramirez).'' 

Honestly, this is just good stuff. Cervelli's only other homer came back in June of 2009. I'm sure all of us at Pinstripe Alley enjoyed watching him hit that grand slam as much as he enjoyed connecting with the ball. And no, he didn't use the pink bat when he hit it. 


Enjoy the off day and get some work done!