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Boone Logan Pitched In A Tie Game, Yankees Lose 7-5 To Rangers

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Why is this man pitching in a tie game, Joe?
Why is this man pitching in a tie game, Joe?

It really perplexes me when mediocre pitchers are brought into high leverage situations, but I'll address that later.

The Yankees were down 5-0 early due to Bartolo Colon's struggles, but a four-run third inning and a Nick Swisher home run in the sixth made everything even. 

Colon got knocked around. Frankly, he was not the same pitcher we've seen during his first three starts. He gave up five runs on nine hits and a walk in only 4.1 innings, his shortest start of the year. He also served up two homers, one off the bat of Michael Young and one from David Murphy.

After getting Elvis Andrus to ground out to begin the fifth, Colon allowed consecutive singles. Joe Girardi then decided to bring in Boone Logan, who was saved by Nick Swisher covering a lot of ground and some luck, but that luck would not last for long.

Logan came back out for the bottom of the sixth after Swish tied it, and immediately gave up a double and a single, setting up first and third with no one out. Girardi then made a visit to the mound, only to leave Logan in the game. Julio Borbon succeeded with his suicide-squeeze, and the Rangers took a 6-5 lead. With the way Logan was pitching, that at-bat could have gone a lot worse (Borbon had a 2-RBI triple earlier in the game). I'll take it every time when teams want to give the Yankees outs when Logan is on the mound. Bunting with Logan on the mound, while he was getting hit hard, might have been as questionable a move as leaving Logan in the game. He is simply mediocre at best, and does not belong on the mound during high-leverage situations. 

The Rangers' seventh and final run came when David Robertson allowed one of the runners he inherited from Boone Logan to score on a base hit from Michael Young.

On to the offense.

The Yanks only mustered six hits, four of which belonged to Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira, who had two hits a piece. Derek Jeter's 2-out double in the third inning set the stage for the big inning of the day. Following Jeter's double, Granderson walked, Tex singled, A-Rod walked, and Robby Cano hit a bases loaded, bases clearing, triple.

The only other run came on the aforementioned Nick Swisher home run.

The Yankees also had six walks. They had twelve men reach base tonight, but had only 4 at-bats with runners in scoring position, succeeding in two of them. It's hard to win games when you don't have many chances to drive in runs.

Overall, I'm not too happy with Joe Girardi right now. He kept a mediocre pitcher in the game, and it cost them. Duggan wondered when Logan's propensity to serve up line drives would catch up to him after he escaped the fifth inning. He got his answer in the sixth. 

What can we take away from this? Don't have mediocre pitchers throw important innings. It's not too difficult of a concept to grasp.

Fire Girardi? Let me sleep on it.

Box Score.

Play of the Game: Robinson Cano's triple increased the Yankees' chances of winning by 20.6%.

Comment of the Game: I'd like to give it to Duggan for this, but he's a Mod so I can't. Instead, it's going to Kevin L's picture of Girardi holding his binder.

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