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Yankees 4, Rangers 1: Nova Dominates

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Tonight, Ivan Nova was superb, going 7.1 strong innings and allowing one run on just two hits and a walk.  His sinker was working, and 16 of the 22 outs he recorded were via groundballs. Curtis Granderson and Matt Harrison combined for all the runs the Yankees would need, Granderson with a 2 HR, 3 RBI night and Harrison with a throwing error to first that allowed another run to score. 

The rest of the offense was quiet, with Russell Martin (0-1, 3 BB), and Derek Jeter (1-4, BB) the only other hitters to reach base twice.

The game was not without it's Girardi moments, first a second-inning sac bunt by Brett Gardner which, with the lead-footed Jorge Posada on second base, did not accomplish what it was supposed to, and second, a short 8th-inning leash for Ivan Nova.  I don't like sending the starter out there with the intent to pull him for allowing a single baserunner.

Play Of The Game: Curtis Granderson's first inning homer increased the Yankees chances by 14.8%.  It's always good to start out that way.

Quote Of The Game: Zigkitsune -

how about GGBG having 3x as many hr as swish and jeter combined?