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Detroit Tigers 6 - New York Yankees 3

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Well, that didn't go so well, now did it?  Dropping three straight to a previously hapless Detroit Tigers squad is pretty deflating, especially when A.J. Burnett pitched well enough to win.  Sloppy defense from the combination of Eduardo Nunez to Mark Teixeira, as well as Burnett himself, was the big story today.

The Yankees offense, still looking for that big hit with runners on, outhit the Tigers 10-4, but couldn't do anything with their base-runners.  While they continually threatened against Rick Porcello, they could never break through.  Credit Porcello for making bit pitches, fault the Yankees for falling short in big spots, fault baseball for being that sort of game.  The real answer is some combination of both.

Possibly the biggest story was The Reincarnated Revelation, Eric Chavez, coming up lame while running the bases.  He has a small fracture in his left foot, and his path to recovery is uncertain.  If it were me, Jorge Vazquez would be on notice, but I don't have irrational hatred for him, as the organization seems to.

We head to Texas to face the Rangers tomorrow at 8:05.

Play Of The Game: Brennan Boesch's game tying single, although Nunez's two-run error is a close second.

Comment of the Game: WWJD, for understanding the gravity of Alex Rodriguez batting 7th.