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New York Yankees News Roundup: Liriano, Posada, Jeter and Hughes

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"What'd you say about me?!"
"What'd you say about me?!"

Having a terrible year before last night, Francisco Liriano tossed the first no-hitter of 2011. In Minnesota's 1-0 win over Chicago, Liriano walked six and struck out only two. But please, no Jesus-for-Liriano trade demands today.

  • Jorge Posada trying to steal secondbase in the sixth inning last night was perhaps the biggest blunder of the contest. Even the usually protective Joe Girardi criticized the play -

Jorgie's play? It just can't happen. It just can't happen. How does it affect the game? None of us will really know. But you hate to make foolish outs.

  • Check out Ed Valentine's take on Jeter's slow start/season. But Jeter still insists he feels comfortable at the plate -

I feel good. I can't change anything that happened in the first month of the season. Yeah, I didn't swing the bat well.

  • The next move to determine the future of Phil Hughes will see him visit Yankee team physician Chris Ahmad. Since he doesn't have thoracic outlet syndrome, another course of action must be taken to aid his "dead arm."
  • Check out Mike Ashmore's interview with Yankee Pitching Coordinator Nardi Contreras, who has details on many of the top prospects in the system.
  • Rafael Soriano has surely had a rocky start to his pinstriped career. Another high profile reliever who started similarly was... Goose Gossage.
  • George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa got less than stellar reviews from If you're thinking of attending a game there, check out the article.
  • And finally, I want to congratulate the Angels of Anaheim for their heroic efforts against the Red Sox. After last night's 7-3 loss, they have failed to win a game against Boston in six contests. Well done!