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The One Month Forecast

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The Yankees have limped through a 14-14 May in which they went 1-6 in one run games. Depending on whether you're a "glass half empty" or "half full" person, that might be because the Yankees' offense is too streak and their in-game management too eager to play textbook baseball, or it might because good teams have rough months.

June does not promise to be kind. After finishing up the current series with the A's, the Yankees face the rejuvenated Angels. From June 7-16, Yankees Stadium will host the best teams in baseball: first the Red Sox, then a 4 game set with the Indians, then a 3 game ALCS rematch against the Rangers.

The Bombers round out the month against the NL in series that feel like should-win minefields: roadtrips against the Cubs and Reds, and a homestand against the Rockies and Brewers.

Locked in a dead heat with the Red Sox, every player will be under intense scrutiny as Brian Cashman evaluates if and how to spend his trade chips.