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New York Yankees News and Notes: 5/31/2011

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After Bartolo Colon's complete game shutout yesterday, ran a list of all of the Yankee pitchers to throw a shutout in the past 20 years. Obviously, the recent dearth of them has more to do with the bullpen/save rule than anything else, but it's interesting that the great Yankee pitchers from a decade ago pitched multiple shutouts, while CC has only pitched one.

I bet you didn't know that Babe Ruth's last game was Memorial Day, 1935.  I didn't either, and reading this doesn't make me feel particularly good about Derek Jeter and Jorge Posda.  It seems like egos, of both the players and owners, haven't changed much in 76 years.

Its About The Money highlights some of the distinct differences between two troubled owners, Frank McCourt and the Wilpons.  This stuck out:

(David) Einhorn has agreed in principal to purchase roughly 33 percent of the team for $200 million....In three years, according to the source, Einhorn has an option to up his stake to 60 percent, although....the Wilpons can stop Einhorn from gaining the majority share essentially by returning Einhorn’s initial $200 million investment yet allowing him to keep the 33 percent share of the team.

If I'm reading this correctly, Fred Wilpon more or less gave away a third of his team in exchange for a short-term loan of $200 million.  I knew things were bad, I didn't know they were that bad.

Question of the day: according to RAB, Phil Hughes could throw live batting practice this week.  If he was coming back today, who would you bump from the rotation, what would you do with him, and why?