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Just When You Think You've Seen It All: Tigers 4, Yankees 2

The statisticians say that even the Field of Dreams All Star team could lose a few games to AAA teams over the course of the 162 season.

With very few exceptions, every team will win 60 games and lose 60 games. The 42 games in the middle are the difference (one more reason that 42 is The Answer).

Today, we saw it all.

Our ace couldn't get out of jams.

Brad Penny didn't see an inning without hard hit balls, and only a couple without baserunners. But he never saw a problem he couldn't wiggle out of.

We saw the worst inning of baserunning in the history of baseball.

As the Rays and Red Sox are looking unstoppable, the Yankees are giving away opportunities.


Play of the Game: Defense rules the day. The Yankees' chances of winning dropped 17.3% when Andruw Jones was gunned down at the plate.

Comment of the Game: Long Time Listener, jetanumber2, Rorschach, noonoo, waw, ImGivingYouARaise, Briceratops, Mickey Welch, Q-TDSK, MattF15, Melkman, blevs4, for all of your support in my hour of need.