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Yankees Sign Brad Halsey to Minor League Deal

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The New York Yankees signed left handed pitcher Brad Halsey to a minor league deal today, bringing the pitcher back into the organization that his career started in.

Normally the signing of a pitcher with a 14-19 record, and a 4.84 ERA for his career is not worth its own post, but Halsey's career is intriguing.

Halsey pitched outstanding for the Yankees AAA affiliate in 2004, earning a spot in the Yankees rotation. Halsey made his first career start against the Dodgers in Los Angeles, on June 19, 2004, and gave up only two runs in five and two thirds innings pitched in a Yankees win.

The first run allowed by Halsey was on a solo home run by Hideo Nomo, the opposing pitcher.

Halsey lost his next start to Al Leiter and the New York Mets.

Following the loss to the Mets, Halsey faced the Boston Red Sox on July 1st, 2004. Halsey pitched well, but that was not the story of the game. Derek Jeter made his famous "dive into the stands" play in the 12th inning, and John Flaherty hit a walk off ground rule double. You may know this game from the YES Network, which shows it as a 'Yankees Classic' quite often.

Halsey made five more appearances for the Yankees in 2004, losing two games and winning none. Halsey pitched his final game for the Yankees on October 3rd, 2004. The lefty pitcher did not make an appearance for the Yankees in the playoffs. (Even though there were no playoffs that year, of course.)

Prior to the 2005 season the Yankees struck a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks, acquiring future hall of famer Randy Johnson in exchange for Dioner Navarro, Javier Vazquez, and Bradford Alexander Halsey,

Halsey spent one season with the Diamondbacks, arguably the best of his career, before being sent to the Oakland Athletics for reliever Juan Cruz.

Halsey pitched in fifty-two games for the Athletics in 2006 as a lefty specialist/spot starter, but was beat out for a spot on the playoff roster by fellow lefty Joe Kennedy.

Going into 2007, Halsey was expected to be in the Athletics starting rotation. Instead, Halsey struggled in Spring Training, and Joe Kennedy won the starting spot, beating out Halsey once again.

Halsey spent some time in AAA, and then had surgery to repair his torn labrum. Halsey accused the Athletics of misdiagnosing his injury, and won, leading the path to his release from the A's organization in 2008.

Following the release, Halsey pitched in the minor leagues for the Dodgers affiliates, and then for the Long Island Ducks of the Independent League.

As of right now, Halsey is best remembered for being the pitcher that gave up Barry Bonds' 714th home run.

If he pitches well enough, he could earn a chance to be known for something more in his major league career with the New York Yankees.