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Photo Caption Contest Finalists

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Here are your finalists for PA's May Photo Caption Contest:

Part 1:



Centaur Javelin Toss. Scoring System:
1 Point if it hits the pitcher.
2 Points if it hits Joe West.
3 Points if Joe West Complains about it later.
10 Points if you’re Alex Rodriguez.


"What’s with this dang sport? It must be the bat. I never strike out with women."

Part 2:


Omar Little

Twice! A-Rod hit on Minka twice last night. He can be such a douchebag sometimes…

Pam S

"Two outs on one groundball... Cuz that’s how i roll!"

Part 3:



If you stacked 35 million one-dollar bills on top of each other, they’d reach alllll the way up there!


"Yes I know 35 million is a lot of money Mr. Steinbrenner but its hard for me to concentrate when you keep screaming at me from up there…"

The winner will receive a copy of Kevin Long's new biography/ hitting book Cage Rat.

Voting will remain open for the next 3 day.

I'll have a review and the winners for you next week.